Not a nightmare but still a mare.

What I want to pen down here now is not a thought that haunts, but funny lil scary thing from my memory bag. During my post grduation in the beautiful city mysuru, i used to be in hostel with few of the best people. I was so sleep lover that whenever i slept, I never knew what would happen around and be in deep sleep. We used to have bunker beds and i used to sleep in the lower one in a corner of the room & fan was bit out of reach to my bed. Every day i used to open the window next to my bed ( Even though there were few animals around the campus). The bed above me was empty and we all used to keep our things and it was bit dusty too. We used to see some footprints daily and kept ourselves saying ” I guess some cats run over here” until we realised it was a kind of CIVET ( do not know the exact name) with a long bushy tail, small body and limbs like a cat. Everyday these animals used to come to our room through the window next to mine and run over me, and others but never realised. Once so happened that we went to dinner with windows opened, when we came back we see mangoes crushed and its juice spilled all over my bed (bags are full when we return from Home) and them relaxing in my bed:(.. U know when i stoppped opening the window? It was once when i heard some sound in my sleep and opened my eyes to see few of them sitting in my bed, over my leg, hand. and one near my frnd. It was so frightening that I couldn’t scream & I breathed so heavily. That was the most embarassing , horrible, funny thing we all experienced. I guess we all can never forget this. And what fault at the end of animals, they always crave for food and a place for them (when people occupy theirs, they occupy ours).Is it not ? We all have such memories in our bag, na ?

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Special kids with special mothers

Today as I was passing an eye over Facebook posts and videos, I came across a video of a single mother raising her daughter suffering from syndrome disorder (I dnt remember the exact name of the disorder) , her life, struggles. I remember how the scenes in “Taare Zameen Par” movie had brought tears in my eyes.

I know a strong lady who is also dealing her life boldly with a autistic son. She is a real inspiration for me. She always makes me remember mothers are great, because her love for her son never ends, how so ever he is, whatever trouble, pain he causes(unknowingly though). She is never ashamed of him or his problems. I always feel her sons pain in her eyes. She accepted him with all love, taught him each and everything with great trouble. She dedicated her life for him, sacrificed her happiness for him. Such Mothers give real meaning to motherhood. She took her life so positively, always keeps a smiling face and always a supporting hand for me, & she is my loving aunt. You need a brave heart and a strong soul to accept such a life.

We may come across many such people with many disorders in their life, please do not treat them like a different, do not look at them like weird, instead love them, accept them, This might bring happiness and smiles in faces of many mothers:)

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Day dreamer !

Today as always I took local train to office and fell deep in my thoughts with ear plug (which i didn’t really listen to).

I only realized how deep I was lost in my world when I missed my station and train was heading further. Oh shit !! All my thoughts just disappeared & being a tension fool , I had to deal with it too.. I managed myself to be cool. Many times in our lives we miss things just because we are lost somewhere(good or bad). These kind of situations test our patience as my husband rightly says it every time. I alighted the train in the immediate station hoping there is no one to check the tickets (as I have only ticket till the before station and its a season for ticket checkers). Already it was so late but still I had to manage to get ticket again which was a bit far , again a long queue. Somehow, I finally managed to catch the next train and reached office late nearly by an hour or so which I might have to pay by leaving late from office.

Tension burns us, its suffocating (I experience this). Nothing can be done at times, hold on, be cool.. Everyday teaches us a new thing, who can be a better teacher than life ?? This might be a very small event but at times situations POP up checking our patience, then Just Breathe, Think, and be cool with a smile. I deal with it everyday, as I told early am a tension fool, you might relate it with something in your life. Patience spreads Peace, doesn’t it ? Did such things happen in your life ?

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Title ?

yeah ! my first writing.. I admit am not a good writer and very new to blog writing and excited about my first writing.

Some thoughts just grab my mind all the time when i do not have any “work” and be engaged. This evening i was just thinking, who is more wrong(wrongest), the one who hurt others/ who commits a mistake or the one who is a sufferer and later takes a revenge on whatever happened for her/him. & again this chain goes on.

Forgiving, forgetting and moving on in life would bring more peace to everyone right ? Everyone does mistake at some point or the other. Instead why cant we get a change in ourselves which is more easier ? trying to bring change in others is most difficult rather impossible. I always believe god has a role in such things. So, what if we smile, accept, forgive and love all, obviously a more happier life.. shall we try ??

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